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Elevate your Strategy

You need a client-focused strategy to win! At Elevate, we define and develop BD and marketing strategies focused on accountability and results that support the long-term vision of the firm. 

business  development audit

A structured approach to the collection, analysis, evaluation, and interpretation of your firm’s business development environment.

marketing audit

A comprehensive review of a firm’s internal and external marketing environment based on industry best practices.

recruiting audit

As the war for talent wages on, it’s critical to differentiate your recruiting program from your competitors. Elevate’s recruiting audit provides a comprehensive review of your recruitment process. It’s an invaluable practice that helps to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of your hiring strategy. 

team structure

Ensure your marketing and/or pursuit teams are structured to maximize efficiency. Elevate 
identifies strengths and opportunities to achieve optimal performance for your team. 

social media audit

Social media remains a dynamic and indispensable tool to build brand awareness and create top-of-mindness with clients, prospects, and potential recruits. Our comprehensive social media audit offers a valuable external perspective to highlight areas of strength while providing recommendations for areas of improvement. 

digital strategy

A digital marketing strategy is a plan that helps your firm achieve specific digital goals through carefully selected online marketing channels such as social media, website or microsite development, or an e-mail campaign.

thought leadership 

Crafting compelling thought leadership requires a systematic approach that demands dedicated time and effort. Elevate assists firms by working with your team to Identify the challenges your clients face so we can build content that showcases how your design solutions solve their problems. Our goal is to create content that you can apply to the concept of COPE (create once, publish everywhere). With every thought leadership article created, you’ll be able re-purpose your thinking across diverse communication channels — from your website to social media to direct BD outreach efforts.

business development & marketing strategy

Elevate works with firms to develop BD and marketing strategies and solutions ranging from market and service expansion to client engagement, positioning, and more. As we work, we teach your teams brainstorming strategies they can apply in the future.

business development program & playbook 

Elevate collaborates closely with your team to create your customized Business Development Playbook, a guide that captures your firm’s essential BD processes and tools that also helps in implementation and onboarding of new team members. The Playbook encompasses a wide range of tools, including firm differentiation, client personas, client care programs, trackers, report templates, process guides, cover letter templates, and more. And, if your firm has a CRM system, we can integrate many of the tools from the Playbook into your existing platform. Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive resource that enhances efficiency and effectiveness across your BD efforts.

business development planning

Elevate understands that successful BD plans are essential to identify growth strategies and set measurable goals. We believe the key to a strategic BD plan lies in effective goal setting, detailed action plans, and unwavering accountability. Our process begins with a thorough review of your strategic objectives, followed by a virtual prep session to align our efforts. During our collaborative in-person planning session, we work alongside your team to craft a comprehensive annual BD plan. This involves analyzing your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT); defining client personas; establishing specific goals for target clients, prospects, and strategic partners; outlining involvement in associations/organizations; addressing recruitment and team development needs; and devising tailored marketing strategies. Each step is designed to ensure accountability, with clear responsibilities assigned to drive execution.

marketing plans

Using the data obtained during the marketing audit and business development planning process, we develop a comprehensive marketing plan based on specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound (SMART) goals and objectives. We customize every detail of the plans to meet your corporate goals and strategies while incorporating your culture and values.

marketing campaigns

Marketing campaigns are organized, strategized efforts aimed to reach clients in a variety of ways and through a combination of media to promote a specific firm goal. Elevate has developed award-winning campaigns that get results. We can help you develop a campaign to achieve specific strategic goals related to marketing, business development, and recruiting. 

To learn more, download Elevate’s marketing campaigns brochure

accountability & documentation

At Elevate, we understand the challenges of execution in a busy world – it’s where many firms drop the ball. Our team provides the accountability support you need to stay on track by offering check-ins, gentle nudges, and guidance to ensure your success. Through disciplined planning, rigorous measurement, and continuous improvement, we help turn accountability into your greatest asset. Whether it's strategic plans, marketing initiatives, business development, or process documentation, Elevate has helped countless clients achieve their goals through our tailored accountability services.

process documentation

Process documentation is the cornerstone of efficient business operations and safeguards institutional knowledge while fostering a culture of continuous improvement. It establishes standardization within operations, ensuring consistency and efficiency across your organization. This standardization is crucial for quality control, compliance with regulations, risk management, and scalability, forming the foundation for a robust operational framework. Documented processes also serve as invaluable resources for training and onboarding, expediting the integration of new employees into the workflow. No matter the topic – from core business to administrative to marketing to BD to CX/EX – Elevate assists firms in the documentation of process by conducting interviews for documentation purposes, facilitating workshops for improvement, and creating comprehensive learning modules to ensure effective implementation

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