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WTF! How can I effectively WFH?

For most of us, working from home (WFH) isn’t the norm. In reality, most of us are actually at home trying to work while planning activities and home schooling our kids, preparing meals, juggling pets who want to sit on our laps or laptops, and countless virtual meetings. Here are some tips to help you work at home more effectively:

1. Set hours of operation.

Identify the hours you will be working and available to your team. This will help you prioritize your tasks and set expectations for communication. Re-purpose your commute to exercise, read, play with your kids, etc. Take lunch breaks and go outside. Set a timer to get up from your desk and ‘leave’ for the day.

2. Establish an ‘office’.

Set up a functional area within your home that can serve as your office. Try and find a space that is private and quiet to have calls and meetings without interruption. Make sure you have the right equipment – laptop, webcam, headset, etc. to be efficient.

3. Create a routine.

Similar to working in an office, you’ll want to create a routine and establish your own ground rules for how you’ll work best. Take a shower, get dressed, and get ready just like you were heading into the office to get into a professional mindset.

4. Be camera ready.

Turn on your video! With virtual meetings taking the place of in-person meetings or conference calls, connecting with your clients and team via video will help you avoid the sense of isolation and create better interaction and engagement.

5. Stay connected.

Schedule online social time with family, friends, and coworkers to help fill the void of human real-time interaction. Working from home can potentially impact morale and productivity so do something fun virtually like play a game, start a virtual book club, host a virtual happy hour, or have a group pizza party


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