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Strategies for Marketing & BD Alignment to Impact the Bottom Line

At Elevate Marketing Advisors, we believe the success of a strategic business development and marketing plan is in the Action Plan! With a well-thought-out action plan, it’s clear who is going to do what by when in order to get where you want to go. Let Elevate help you create a road map that will get you to where you want to be.

Business Development Strategy

Do you have a business development plan that goes beyond revenue goals to action items and accountability measures to ensure you achieve them?

Creating and implementing an effective business development plan is possible – when you have the right guidance and the right process to go from a plan on paper to a plan in motion.

Elevate can help you plan, implement, and monitor your firm’s business development strategy so it’s proactive and purposeful. Our business development planning process is specifically designed to help you achieve sustainable growth and success to ensure your firm is resilient in any economic cycle. We employ a successful and proven structure, customized to address your unique challenges and capitalize on your advantages and differentiators.

Our team can also provide market research services including identifying prospects, tackling client research, CIP tracking, identifying emerging markets and market trends, and more to ensure you have the intel you need to create a successful plan.

Once you have a plan in place, we work with you to ensure accountability through implementation. Our implementation services include training and facilitation for:

  • Business development meetings

  • Client capture planning

  • Client pursuit strategy

  • Project pursuit and interview strategy

Marketing Strategy

Once a business development plan is in place, it’s time to develop a marketing strategy that is guided by and supports your business development goals to successfully promote and grow your firm. This includes market positioning, differentiation, methods for reaching clients/prospects, and external expert positioning. Combined, the initiatives raise your firm’s profile and enhance relationships that lead can lead to increased revenues.

Elevate’s planning process is not a pre-packaged solution. We follow a successful and proven structure and then customize every detail of the marketing plan to meet your needs and incorporate the specificity of your goals and objectives while incorporating your culture and values.

Using data obtained during the business development planning process, we develop a comprehensive marketing plan and budget based on specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound (SMART) goals and objectives and identify the resources necessary to successfully promote and grow your firm.

Once your marketing strategy is developed, we can help you with implementation. Elevate’s marketing implementation services include:

  • CMO-To-Go

  • Market Research

  • Content Development

  • Conference Strategy

  • Campaign Development

  • Communications Programs

"Elevate’s knowledge of marketing in the A/E/C industry provided useful ideas to reach our existing and potential clients.” –DOUG TAYRIEN, Principal, SGA Design Group

Why should Elevate lead your strategic planning?

WE ASK THE RIGHT QUESTIONS TO GET TO THE HEART OF ISSUES. Elevate asks your team questions and listens to their concerns. Important topics are covered to a level of satisfaction for the whole group. We also don’t know what’s considered taboo in the culture, and we have no power dynamics to avoid. Our job is to get all relevant information on the table for the future of the organization, and we do that by asking relevant questions and probing when needed.

WE TAKE CARE OF NOTES AND DOCUMENTATION. Elevate provides you with actionable documentation of planning workshop outcomes to include discussion summaries, session outcomes, and agreed-upon next steps so that decisions don’t get lost and you can implement plans immediately.

WE TAKE CARE OF THE PREPARATION. Good preparation is one of the keys to successful strategic planning, and we save you time by doing most of the preparation for you.

WE’RE NEUTRAL TO DECISIONS. Elevate offers an independent perspective which allows you to better resolve alternative viewpoints among participants and keep the meeting on track. Our main focus is creating a powerful discussion about the present and future of your organization and to identify any issues.

EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP CAN BE PART OF THE PROCESS. Elevate creates an even playing field allowing all participants to fully engage in discussions to ensure all perspectives and viewpoints are heard.

WE ARE OBJECTIVE AND ACCOUNTABLE. Personal agendas can be detrimental. We keep discussions focused on strategy so everyone has the same expectations, including executive leadership.

AS FACILITATOR, WE SET THE TONE. Using a third-party facilitator shows your staff that you’re investing in the future of your organization and you’re committed to inclusive contribution.

WE MANAGE TIME AND CONVERSATIONS. Elevate ensures meetings stay on task and on relevant topics. If a discussion goes off track, we move that to the “parking lot” for later consideration and keep the group focused. We pay attention to even the smallest details.

WE’RE USED TO DEALING WITH PEOPLE. Managing planning meeting dynamics can be difficult, particularly when the people in the room are co-workers. Keeping a meeting on track and managing conflict is core to producing useful outcomes; as such, our facilitators are trained to ensure that everyone has a say and no single view-point dominates the discussion. We’re used to dealing with people (lots of them). Our job is to make sure communication lines are open and that all participants participate. We remain aware of individual contributions, prevent any one voice from dominating, and prompt discussion from silent participants when needed. While everyone may not contribute equally, each participant has insight and value.

WE HAVE NATIONAL EXPERIENCE & BEST PRACTICE KNOWLEDGE. Our collective experience working with firms across North America gives us insight into proven – and failed – methods. Elevate offers new thinking and best-practice-strategy framework to guide conversations, allowing you to gain insights based on best practices from the industry.


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