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6 Questions to Ask During Your Next Social Media Audit

The question most asked from marketing teams is ‘how to bounce back and find fresh ideas for getting their social media content strategy back on track following a rough year of reacting instead of creating’.

A thorough audit can show your firm’s content wins and changes in audience while providing strategies to build your content calendar for the future. It’s also an essential step in any rebranding initiative as it can reveal critical information about your audience and their interests — all important as you develop your brand’s new messaging. Here’s a list of questions to incorporate into your next audit to help your team dig a little deeper.

Pro Tip: Take a step back and spend an afternoon doing an audit of all your digital marketing tools: website, email marketing, and social media accounts.

6 Questions to Ask During Your Next Social Media Audit

  1. What do we want social media to do for our firm in the future?

  2. Do analytics really matter to our marketing? If so, what metrics matter most?

  3. Will analytical data help jump start a brand refresh in any way?

  4. Does our social media strategy work with our website? If not, how can social drive more traffic to specific parts of our website?

  5. Who is our ideal follower and what resources are they looking for?

  6. Does each social network with our firm representation have a strategy that aligns with that social network’s audience or do we customize content to each network?

Bonus Questions: Are we genuinely engaging with our audience on each network or are some networks less important? Should we have representation on every social media network?


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